C4C Team Members

Consortium for Change (C4C) is a network of select coaches, consultants, leadership development experts, and transformation advisors that enables us to drive change and scale up by capitalizing on our ability to quickly convene talent from our network.

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Kelly Bean
Kelly BeanPrincipal, Heron Strategy Partners
Kelly is a recognized expert in learning, leader development, and strategic advising. Kelly counts leading ventures within corporations and higher education institutions, as the incubator for her one constant drive – her passion to develop others, their teams, and their organizations to grow forward.
Scott Bontempo
Scott BontempoFounder & President, Bontempo Advisory Services
Scott has worked in hundreds of companies across dozens of industries and scenarios including multinational carve-outs to founder lead businesses taking capital for the first time.
John W. Boudreau, Ph.D.
John W. Boudreau, Ph.D.Professor and Research Director, University of Southern California's Marshall School of Business
John is much sought after by organizations, businesses, and the academic world for his insight and innovation in the fields of Human Resources, Human Capital Management, and Executive Development.
Marilyn Buckner, Ph. D.
Marilyn Buckner, Ph. D.President, National Training Systems, Inc.
Dr. Marilyn Buckner is a business and leadership consultant and executive coach. She is also a Master Trainer for several leading-edge assessments and uses these for accelerating coaching and team development outcomes.
Alysia A. Bullock
Alysia A. BullockFounder/ CEO, Incite-HR
Creating courageous conversations with leaders about the power of perception, connection, and influence to accelerate personal growth and business results.
Phillip Campbell, M. Cog. Sc.
Phillip Campbell, M. Cog. Sc.Founder and CEO, enigmaFIT Corporation
Phillip Campbell is a cognitive scientist and an executive brain coach. For the past 25 years, he has been coaching senior executives and entrepreneurs in the USA, Europe, UK, Asia, and Australia.
Beth Banks Cohn
Beth Banks CohnFounder and President, ADRA Change Architects
When smart, forward-looking companies in the Pharma, Life Science, Technology and Manufacturing Industries need to reimagine their organization, restructure or realign their organizations to match the relentless pace of change that defines today’s marketplace, they turn to ADRA Change Architects.
Dr. Lane Cohee
Dr. Lane CoheeIndependent Management Trainer and Consultant
Lane serves as a training provider and management consultant with over 35 years of experience in business/academic leadership, project/program management, and academic instruction.
James Cornehlsen
James CornehlsenCertified Executive Coach, Advisor
As a lifelong entrepreneur and business builder, Jim leverages his experience as a CEO, COO, CRO, Board Member, and Advisor/Executive Coach. He brings hands-on experience building sustainable growth and positive learning cultures with leaders at the top of their game.
Brooks Darrah, Ph.D.
Brooks Darrah, Ph.D.Transformation Architect | Executive Coach
Brooks coaches and advises leaders, teams, and organizations to make high-stakes, systemic, and sustainable changes that exceed expected results. Brooks brings a multidisciplinary approach to her work and actively seeks to elevate her clients’ learning and growth in every interaction.
Alwyn Dias
Alwyn DiasExecutive Coach and Consultant
A seasoned and trusted coach/advisor, Alwyn’s creative solutions increase organizational performance through authentic employee engagement.
Dr. Jane M. Floyd
Dr. Jane M. FloydFounder and Principal, InSight Dimensions, LLC
Jane’s OD experience in change management allows her to facilitate individuals and teams to unlock their hidden EQ and servant leadership skills for improved goal sharing of the organization.
Barbara Frankel
Barbara FrankelPrincipal and Founder, Coaching Initiatives LLC
Barbara Frankel is known for her thought provoking, direct, results-oriented coaching to engage leaders and organizations to thrive.
Stephen Frenkel
Stephen FrenkelFounder and Lead Consultant, Voyager Executive Consulting, LLC
Stephen Frenkel is an Executive and Leadership Team consultant with over 20 years of experience in leadership development, organizational optimization, and change management. He takes a “systems thinking” approach to his work, generating holistic solutions, in partnership with his clients, to drive strategy and overcome complex challenges.
Edie Goldberg, Ph.D.
Edie Goldberg, Ph.D.President, E.L. Goldberg and Associates
Edie has specialized in talent management and organization effectiveness for over 25 years. She focuses her practice on designing HR systems to attract, engage, develop and retain employees.
Lori Heffelfinger
Lori HeffelfingerExecutive Coach and Management Consultant
Lori’s coaching clients have consistently said they value her business savvy and ability to expand their thinking, experiment with new behaviors and mindsets, and draw out their own leadership strengths.
Eric D. Hieger, Psy.D.
Eric D. Hieger, Psy.D.CEO & Managing Partner, TransformX Partners, LLC
Eric is a business leader and executive with 20+ years of diverse experience in consulting, executive coaching, organizational development, strategic planning, change leadership and business transformation, talent and succession, leadership development, and employee engagement and experience.
Karen Jaw-Madson
Karen Jaw-MadsonPrincipal of Co., Design of Work Experience
Karen Jaw-Madson’s focus areas include culture, organizational change, and people strategies. She has developed, led, and implemented numerous organizational initiatives around the globe.
Dr. Beverly Kaye
Dr. Beverly KayeFounder and CEO, BevKay & Co.
Dr. Beverly Kaye’s name is recognized internationally as a professional dedicated to helping individuals, managers and organizations understand the practical “how to” principles of employee development, engagement and retention. Her books and learning materials have stood the test of time.
Ashish Kothari
Ashish KothariFounder, Happiness Squad
Ashish Kothari is an executive coach, author, consultant and founder of Happiness Squad, a company focused on helping individuals and organizations unleash the power of happiness and well-being to achieve their full potential.
Suzanne Levy
Suzanne LevyPresident, Bolder Leadership Inc.
Suzanne partners with senior executives to help catalyze positive change. Leadership takes confidence. Breaking through the barriers to success takes courage. Suzanne guides her global clients to take unprecedented stands in their business and make leaps they never thought possible.
Mitch Lippman
Mitch Lippman Executive Coach, Facilitator, Consultant and Speaker, The Mitch Lippman Group, Inc.
Mitch Lippman helps leaders and teams in organizations of all sizes succeed through one-on-one coaching, team coaching, facilitation, and training. He’s also available for speaking engagements and consulting services.
Orly Maravankin, Ph.D., PCC
Orly Maravankin, Ph.D., PCCPresident, Edge Consulting
Dr. Maravankin partners with companies to cultivate high performance, agile cultures. She helps them build capabilities to thrive in today’s complex environment and lead with clarity and purpose. Her clients include Fortune 500, Midsize Businesses, Startups, and Nonprofits.
Kim McEachron
Kim McEachronFounder, DesignGrowthRX
Kim McEachron has spent her career designing experiences and cultures to inspire individuals, teams, and organizations to reach their full potential. For over 35 years, she has held human resources leadership roles in both large company and smaller entrepreneurial environments.
Martina Stone McGaw
Martina Stone McGawExecutive Coach and Consultant, Martina Stone Consulting
Martina tailors her work to discover and bring out the most effective and valuable aspects of each individual or team to make the biggest impact on their lives and organization.
Lacey Leone McLaughlin
Lacey Leone McLaughlinPresident, LLM Consulting Group, Inc
Lacey is a leadership and talent management professional and executive coach.
Cynthia Medaglia
Cynthia MedagliaManaging Partner and COO, Linceis Conscious Business Group, LLC
Cynthia creates breakthrough solutions that facilitate organizational and leadership transformation with her international clients. LCB’s proven formula for success: REAL Leaders drive REAL Teamwork. And Create a High Performing Culture. Leading to Improved Results
Fiona Murden
Fiona MurdenFounder, Oka Life
Fiona is a leadership professional and executive coach with over 20 years of experience in fostering the behaviors and mindsets that drive personal and business success. She is the author of two books on human potential.
James Papiano
James PapianoPresident, James Papiano+ Co.
James has more than 20 years of experience working at the intersection of leadership, talent, and strategy.  He provides executive coaching, advisory services, and consulting to C-suite leaders, leadership teams, top executives, and emerging leaders.
Sally Breyley Parker
Sally Breyley ParkerCo-founder, TimeZero Enterprises
Sally has guided organizations in all sectors, helping leaders envision new futures and develop the strategies and designs to accomplish those futures.
Cheryl Perkins
Cheryl PerkinsCEO and Founder, Innovationedge, LLC
Cheryl is a global thought leader in strategy, growth and innovation as well as a creative catalyst in brand-building initiatives that contribute to rewarding end-user experiences and improved business performance.
Patrick R. Powaser, PhD
Patrick R. Powaser, PhDFounder & President, Ho’ohana Partners LLC
Pat is a leadership coach, business consultant & strategist, and advisor to boards of directors & family-owned businesses.  He founded Ho’ohana Partners LLC to serve large corporations, small companies, and non-profits and help them achieve more impactful results.
Pallavi Ridout
Pallavi RidoutFounder and CEO, The ELM Advisory Group
Pallavi recognizes challenges and crafts custom solutions for coaching, high-impact development programs, and facilitation services.
Susan Robertson
Susan RobertsonFounder and CEO, Linceis® Conscious Business Group, LLC
Gaining insights using her proprietary REAL Leadership 360 Assessment™ and REAL CulturalFitness Survey™, Susan is able to assess leadership behavior and the impact to culture linked to business outcomes.
Tom Rosenak
Tom RosenakBusiness Communications Strategist, DiamondMind Enterprises, LLC.
Tom is an experienced solution designer and has developed and led successful training programs for individuals, teams and organizations at a corporate and personal entrepreneurial level.
Joshua Schwarz, PhD
Joshua Schwarz, PhDFounder, Schwarz Analytics
Josh has 30 years of experience teaching and publishing on HR-related topics and now consults on human capital analytics.
Karl B. Simmons, Ph.D.
Karl B. Simmons, Ph.D.Founder, Clarity+Momentum Coaching
Karl’s coaching perspective combines years of teaching and researching at top-tier universities with leadership roles advising Fortune 500 companies as part of global consulting firms. He has coached individual leaders and led large programmatic organizational interventions. His domains of expertise include leadership, team dynamics, and organizational change.
Robyn Singh
Robyn SinghPrincipal & Founder, BridgeWays Consulting
Robyn has partnered with individuals and organizations for thirty years to achieve transformative change and create high performing cultures. She excels in a systems approach leveraging her broad experience as an HR leader in the technology industry and in the social services sector, working with startups and Fortune 50 companies. Her focus is change management, organization development and leadership development.
Scott Span, MSOD, CSM
Scott Span, MSOD, CSMCEO, Tolero Solutions
Scott Span, MSOD, CSM, ACC: is CEO at Tolero Solutions. As a people strategist, leadership coach, and change and transformation specialist, his work is focused on people. Through his consulting and training work he supports clients to survive and thrive through change and transition and create people-focused cultures and a great employee experience. Through his coaching work, he supports people willing to dig deeper to identify and overcome what’s holding them back, change behaviors, accelerate performance and achieve their goals.
Michele Stowe
Michele StoweFounder, SkyRocket LLC
Michele is an Organizational and Leadership Development junkie who guides senior leaders and teams in improving their effectiveness, enhancing fulfillment, creating sustainable change and results.
Tracy Tyler
Tracy TylerFounder and Managing Director, Strategies for Success International
Tracy collaborates with seasoned, talented coaches and consultants to provide strategy and solutions within a full portfolio of Human Capital services.
Shannon Wallis
Shannon WallisFounder, Cascade Leadership
Shannon collaborates with leaders, their teams, and internal consultants and coaches to design sustainable solutions that flow throughout organizations and drive transformational change.
Ken Warman
Ken WarmanExecutive Leadership Coach and Founder, The Leader’s Evolution
Ken is a strategic leader and trusted advisor with a history of success achieved through a combination of diverse business experiences and talent development skills.
Samantha Wasserman
Samantha WassermanFounder, President & Chief Growth Officer, Growth Curve Consulting
Samantha has been successfully helping leaders transition into executive and C-Suite roles for over 25years. Her proven method prepares leaders through a targeted diagnosis of development strengths and gaps while taking into account experiences, intentional practice, experimentation, reflection, and coaching.
Dr. Theresa M. Welbourne
Dr. Theresa M. WelbourneCEO, eePulse, Inc., Executive Director and Professor, University of Alabama
Enhancing employee engagement, Driving growth in organizations, ERGs and data-driven story telling
Alex Yaroslavsky
Alex YaroslavskyExecutive Coach
Alex Yaroslavsky is an Executive Coach with 20+ years of coaching, teaching and mediation experience. His industry experience includes Financial Services, Nonprofits, Pharmaceuticals, Construction and Higher Education.
Dr. David Yudis
Dr. David YudisPresident, Potential Selves
David is a relentless builder of the bridge that connects leaders’ abilities to outcomes that exceed every expectation.
Ian Ziskin
Ian ZiskinPresident, EXec EXcel Group LLC
Ian delivers services to clients as a board advisor, coach, consultant, teacher, speaker, and author.