James CornehlsenAs a lifelong entrepreneur and business builder, Jim leverages his experience as a CEO, COO, CRO, Board Member, and Advisor/Executive Coach. He brings hands-on experience building sustainable growth and positive learning cultures with leaders at the top of their game.


Jim is a certified executive coach (Lore Institute, Goldsmith A4SL, NYU) who works one on one with CEOs or those preparing to step up to the next level. With a strong business operation background, Jim establishes the context to deal with the individual behavioral issues to help leaders excel and works to eliminate the dysfunction on leadership teams. The focus is on improving awareness and action steps that will have an immediate impact

He has had real success with CEOs building growth companies. He starts where each individual is and partners to build practical, proactive paths to success and helps them focus their entrepreneurial energy. For leaders and their teams who are open, honest, and want to be their best, Jim fosters leadership dynamics that improve decision-making, communication, and cohesive team culture.


As a professional implementer for the Entrepreneurial Operating System, Jim works with leadership teams and helps owner founders, leaders, Board, and investors get a grip on their business. EOS uses a holistic proven approach to master simple, practical tools with immediate impact: helping successful businesses get even better; going from “stuck to unstoppable”; solving people, process, profit issues. Over 10,000 early-stage growth and mid-market companies are leveraging EOS to accelerate results. Most leadership teams operate at about the 20-30% level succeeding despite themselves. Jim facilitates an EOS journey to get them to the 80% level.


Jim helps leaders develop self–awareness related to new 21st Century Leadership mandates….authenticity, empathy, both/and, etc. He uses a Personal Values Profile to help forge desired culture, Value Drivers for Business to track valuation, and an Executive Perception Check for new CEOs/Leaders to gauge insight from direct reports.

Jim serves as an advisor to young leaders of high-growth technology businesses. He focuses on companies that are trying to make Conscious Capitalism, B Corp, Women’s Business Collaborative values come to life while improving diversity of thought and profitability.

Jim resides in New York. He is an active singer in the 100 man University Glee Club. He is an active adventure traveler with his wife Carol. He stays active by biking, golfing, swimming, tennis and hiking.