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Consortium for Change (C4C) is a network of select coaches, consultants, leadership development experts, and transformation advisors that enables us to drive change and scale up by capitalizing on our ability to quickly convene talent from our network. The content below has been created by current or former members of C4C. 



Authored by Ian Ziskin and the Consortium for Change, The Secret Sauce for Leading Transformational Change features insights, vivid stories, and lessons learned from senior business & HR leaders about what it takes to lead, survive, and thrive in periods of transformational change. Order Now

If you would like to learn more about the book, you are encouraged to listen to the Fidelis Leadership Podcast which hosted Ian Ziskin.  Click here to listen.

Members’ Books

Dr. John Boudreau
Dr. John BoudreauJohn has published more than 15 books and textbooks.
Edie L. Goldberg
Edie L. Goldberg
Karen Jaw-Madson
Karen Jaw-MadsonKaren has authored and contributed to four books.
Dr. Beverly Kaye
Dr. Beverly KayeBev has authored and contributed to five books.
Fiona Murden
Fiona MurdenFiona has authored two books.
Cheryl A. Perkins
Cheryl A. PerkinsCheryl has published two books.
Scott Span
Scott Span

Leading Transformational Change 2023 Forum

The Leading Transformational Change (LTC) Forum was brought to you by the Consortium for Change, powered by 1BusinessWorld, and inspired by the book, The Secret Sauce for Leading Transformational Change. The virtual event took place from Wednesday, November 1 to Friday, November 3, 2023 and was dedicated to empowering executives, managers, and change leaders with the skills and insights needed to drive transformative change in their organizations.

Day 1: Go First, Leaders!

Kevin Delaney
Kevin DelaneyUsing AI in Ways that Enhance Worker Dignity and Inclusion
Michele Stowe
Michele StoweLeading Change in a Purpose-Driven Organization
Sally B Parker
Sally B ParkerSense and Respond Leadership
Kristin Straiter-Campbell
Kristin Straiter-CampbellLeading Change with Emotional Intelligence
James Papiano
James PapianoIndividual Leader Effectiveness in Times of Transformation
Scott Bontempo
Scott BontempoLeadership Transformation: From Private to Private Equity
Ken Warman
Ken WarmanThe Power of Purpose
Cheryl Perkins
Cheryl PerkinsCharacteristics of a Resilient Leader
Panelists included:
• Mike Eknoian, Global VP R&D, Church and Dwight
• Jay Gouliard, Senior Vice President R&D, Mondelez
Ashish Kothari
Ashish KothariUnlocking Your Full Potential by Making Happiness Your Competitive Edge

Day 2: Define Truth & Reality!

Juan Betancourt
Juan BetancourtMaking Work More Human: Leading a Culture of Belonging for Better Performance
Cailin O’Riordan
Cailin O’RiordanLiving an Integrated Life in the Face of VUCA
 Shannon Wallis
Shannon WallisUnveiling the Ultimate Change Catalyst: The DVFR Formula for Change
Beth Banks Cohn
Beth Banks CohnThree Minds Make it Right: Change Success
Paula Zimmerman
Paula ZimmermanMaximizing the Value of Conflict During Change
David Yudis
David YudisThe CEO’s Brain: How Do You Measure Up When You Need To Drive Change?
Adrienne Shoch
Adrienne ShochCreating the Potential for Future Possibility: The Art of Listening for Connection
Lacey Leone McLaughlin
Lacey Leone McLaughlinCHRO Insights – Facing the Truth About Transformational Change
Panelists included:
• Mandy Clark, Head of Human Resources, Shutterfly
• Robyn T. Mingle, SVP & CHRO, CommScope
• Eva Sage-Gavin, Co-Chair, Women Corporate Directors, Bay Area and former C-Suite Executive
• Padma Thiruvengadam, Former CHRO/CPO at Takeda Pharmaceuticals, LEGO Group and Integra LifeSciences

Day 3: Prioritize Culture & People!

Srikant Chellappa
Srikant ChellappaBuilding a Strong Culture in a Hybrid Work Environment
Sheryl Brinkley
Sheryl BrinkleyReskilling the Workforce as the New Competitive Advantage
Samantha Wasserman
Samantha WassermanBuilding an Empowerment Culture for Change
Karen Jaw-Madson
Karen Jaw-Madson5 Ways Entrepreneurial Companies Can Prepare for the Next Crises
Byron Low and Tom Rosenak
Byron Low and Tom RosenakWinning with Scalable People Strategies
Lori Heffelfinger
Lori Heffelfinger Accelerating Team Performance, Ownership, and Buy-In
Ian Ziskin
Ian ZiskinThe CEO’s Challenge in Transforming Culture + People
Fireside Chat with Chris Kastner, CEO, Huntington Ingalls Industries