Martina Stone McGawMartina Stone McGaw is an Executive Coach and consultant with demonstrated experience in coaching, leadership development, project management, and program design and execution with Fortune 500 companies. Through her career, Martina has led the
Executive Education team at USC’s Center for Effective Organizations in the Marshall School of Business and led strategy and team effectiveness for businesses internally. Martina currently spends much of her time coaching individual leaders and teams. Martina tailors her work to discover and bring out the most effective and valuable aspects of each individual or team to make the biggest impact on their lives and organization.

Martina designs and delivers leadership development focusing on HR strategy, developing world-class people managers, and creating a culture of feedback in-person and virtually. Martina also spends her time building team effectiveness through team coaching and team alignment projects. Working with teams to uncover barriers to effectiveness, opportunities, and greater alignment and focus is exciting and rewarding for Martina.

Martina is committed to and energized by to her work to see value added and progress made by each individual and business she works with. She has extensive experience leading and navigating project teams and working with complex groups of stakeholders. Martina’s career has been a succession of successful and collaborative partnerships that have led to each elevated role in her career.

Martina has a Bachelor of Science from Purdue University and Master of Science in Human Resource Management from USC.

In her free time, Martina enjoys traveling, cooking, and reading when home in Los Angeles. Martina also competes with a barbershop style chorus based in Santa Monica, California.