Phillip Campbell, M. Cog. Sc.

Phillip Campbell is a cognitive scientist, an executive brain coach, and Founder and CEO of enigmaFIT Corporation, a global brain coaching and leadership development organization.

He has dedicated his career to understanding and leveraging the science behind how the brain processes information and how it rewires itself to enhance our ability to think, learn, and adapt. For the past 25 years, he has been coaching senior executives and entrepreneurs in the USA, Europe, UK, Asia, and Australia.

Phillip has developed a breakthrough approach for measuring and enhancing an individual’s subconscious Fluid Thinking, which drives adaptability, agility, performance, and leadership capability—all essential elements for success in today’s world of digital disruption.

He is a coauthor of Habits of Success: What Top Entrepreneurs Routinely Do in Business and in Life (Leaders Press, 2021), a Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestseller.

His recently released new book titled Brain Habits: The Science of Subconscious Success (Leaders Press, 2022), unpacks the enigma of the brain and all it can become. Using relatable stories, it takes a revolutionary look at how the principles of neuroscience can radically reshape our understanding of how we think, learn, and adapt.

Phillip served as Governor of the American Chamber of Commerce in Australia and was a long-time member of the Chamber’s DEI committee. Phillip holds a Master of Cognitive Science degree from University of South Wales in Sydney. It was at the university where he learned how to “connect the dots” optimally by engaging with the departments of Humanities and Information Technology–two very different, yet complementary disciplines.