Barbara FrankelBarbara Frankel is known for her thought provoking, direct, results-oriented coaching to engage leaders and organizations to thrive. Barbara’s keen ability to assess executive leaders and their management team’s motivations, levels of engagement and relationships with key stakeholders have enabled executives to identify and achieve their highest potential with greater levels of performance, success and personal satisfaction.


At JPMorgan Chase for 11 years, Barbara played a key role in designing and staffing career management programs optimizing the banks’ mergers. At American Express, she managed and facilitated a leadership development program that escalated development for emerging leaders. This shaped her keen understanding of the relationship between individual and organizational effectiveness.

  • Executive Coaching
  • New Leader & Team Assimilation
  • Leadership Development
  • Executive Presence & Image
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Stakeholder Relationship Building
  • Talent Management
  • Managing Change
  • Business Development Coaching
  • Communications Coaching
  • Career Management Programs
  • 360 Feedback & Assessment
  • Retention
  • Mentoring
  • Retirement & Legacy Planning
  • Performance Management
  • Talent Development
  • Stress Management
  • Sales Leadership Coaching
  • Presentation Coaching

Barbara has coached executives and their teams in a broad range of industries including financial services, technology, consumer products, health care, utilities, engineering, aerospace, media & entertainment, legal, not for profit, hospitality ,and pharmaceutical industries by:

  • Coaching Leaders to lead authentically and effectively
  • On-boarding and assimilating new leaders and teams successfully to new positions and cultures
  • Advising senior leaders in Identifying strategic goals & ensuring effective implementation
  • Coaching executives and high-potentials to establish and maintain mutually enhancing relationships
  • Aligning teams on goals and enhancing the collaboration of teams
  • Identifying and evaluating emerging talent for career development
  • Inspiring employee engagement
  • Developing career management programs
  • Coaching leaders to communicate clearly and deliver compelling presentations
  • Coaching managers to effectively provide feedback and coach direct reports
  • Overcoming issues undermining working relationships
  • Designing succession planning initiatives to ensure continuity in key positions and help and retain and develop intellectual capital for the future
  • Teaching employees how to brand themselves and network internally
  • Developing step-by-step action plans for getting results
  • Delivering 360 feedback and implications from assessment instruments

BARBARA FRANKEL’s Representative Assignments

CLIENT: Global Head of Marketing for World’s Largest Global Wealth Management Firm based in Europe:

New Leader and International Culture Assimilation, New Team Assimilation, Strategic Planning, Organizational Assessment, Talent Management, Succession Planning and Relationship Management

THE NEED: The financial services organization hired this CMO of a $20B global consumer products business into the Global Head of Marketing role with a team of 450 who did not have any previous financial services experience. The organization wanted to ensure a successful New Leader and Team Assimilation.

RESULT: Global Marketing became a respected partner as part of the Executive Leadership team. For the first time, an integrated business planning process was created that developed a set of common global marketing goals and strategies, and incorporated a standardized marketing review and planning process that incorporated metrics. The first “Marketing College” was created for his 450 direct reports, which resulted in a higher performing and fully engaged team. For the first time ever, two employees in Global Marketing were nominated to attend the Circle of Excellence event.

CLIENT: Vice Chairman of Leading Global Financial Services Organization:

Succession Planning, Legacy Coaching & Navigating Executive Committee Changes

THE NEED: The Vice Chairman knew he wanted to retire in one to two years and wanted to create a greater legacy. Simultaneously. The CEO was retiring and the client was leading the area of the bank with the most cache and new members of the executive committee were jockeying for a piece of the pie.

RESULT: The Vice Chairman maintained his “portfolio” and developed his successor and their team while proactively planned his legacy and next chapter plans which included joining boards, joining a venture capital firm and teaching at a university.

CLIENT: SVP of a $12B Energy and Engineering Organization:

New Leader & Team Assimilation, Strategic Planning, Change Management, Career Management, 360 Feedback, External and Internal Stakeholder Relationship Building

THE NEED: The client, a well-regarded Vice President, was promoted to lead a 5000-person organization and requested Executive Onboarding Coaching to transition into and set the stage for growth in his expanded leadership role most effectively.

RESULT: The SVP determined the strategic focus and priorities to shape the vision and addressed critical business issues, while creating a culture of empowerment, respect and opportunities for career development. Critical alliances were developed and his leadership is transforming the entire organization.

CLIENT: CIO for $7B division of $27B Aerospace/Defense Company: Managing Up, Relationship Management, Team Building, and Work/Life Balance

THE NEED: The client, the only female CIO on the Executive team initially intimidated her peers and was perceived as a tactical leader. She desired to be in the inner circle.

RESULT: The CIO became the #2 CIO in the company and was sought as an advisor to her peers. She turned around the underperforming division to create a motivated, productive and aligned team. The CIO became known as someone who is a strategic business partner, transforms organizations, delivers on change initiatives and creates high performing teams. 


Communications, Team Building and Employee Engagement

THE NEED: This former CEO intrapreneur of a division of a major global bank wanted to enhance the team building and communication for this newly established a hedge fund based in South America and New York

RESULT: In addition to developing a cohesive team, the CEO became more expressive in his communications, sharing his vision, defining roles and responsibilities more clearly, becoming more inclusive in decision making, and developing strategies to continue to influence the board during difficult economic challenges.

CLIENT: SVP, Head of Internal Audit of $35B Bank Holding Firm: Executive Presence and Communications for Succession Planning Purposes

THE NEED: A new CEO mentioned to the Chief Auditor that the Head of Internal Audit did not have the executive presence and assertiveness to be Chief Auditor

RESULT: Two years later, the Chief Auditor left and the former SVP, Head of Internal Audit was promoted. She became more assertive, more confident, spoke with authority and changed her entire executive presence.

CLIENT: Head of Nursing of one of the largest hospitals in the US:

Relationship Management, Communications, New Leader Onboarding

THE NEED: This leader had been viewed as a high potential leader and received exemplary reviews until her team of new direct reports complained about her management style reflecting her high standards.

RESULT: As a result of the 360 Structured Interview, the Head of Nursing became aware of the impact of her leadership style, transformed her communications and focused on employee and team development. As a result, the Head of Nursing received a promotion during our coaching engagement and direct reports continued to reach out to her as an advisor and mentor.

CLIENT: COO Midwest Manufacturing Organization: Strategic Planning, Turnaround, Leadership Development, and Team Building

THE NEED: The client, a former P & G leader was the only female on the Executive team and global operations had lost $9 million in a declining market the previous year. The challenge was to reverse the decline, establish credibility, achieve early wins, and assess the capabilities of her team in a short amount of time.

RESULT: By working proactively and collaboratively with other business leaders during the first six months, she shifted the whole supply chain and linked it to the business units. In the first year, she saved $24 million and added $2 million to the bottom line. She provided training, enhanced alignment and communication through off-sites, made leadership changes and transformed the culture from non-engagement to leadership accountability.

CLIENT: SVP, Group Account Director, Worldwide Media, Marketing & Digital Company: Retention Planning, Relationship Management, And Managing Generational Differences & Managing Up

THE NEED: It came to the CEO’s attention that this senior executive, a woman in her 50s, had a significant retention issue and difficulty attracting talent in the marketplace. The ability to lead, inspire and relate well to the Millennials and Gen X individuals within this newly integrated team had been a challenge. Staff was asking for transfers. The CEO was concerned about the impact on the largest account in this media firm.

RESULT: Not only did all the direct reports stay, other staff asked for transfers into her department a year later. As a result of the coaching, the client account was maintained and additional business was provided for other areas of the organization. Additionally, the SVP was able to achieve a greater work/life balance and have more “fun” at work.

CLIENT: Head of Homeland Security for $27B Aerospace/Defense Company: Managing Up, Executive Presence, Succession Planning and Team Building, Onboarding in New Role

THE NEED: A long-term leader within the organization was reassigned and was reporting to a former peer who he perceived did not see him as a valuable contributor.

RESULT: He identified which of his superior’s priorities were in alignment with the top priorities of the organization and distinguished himself and his team in fulfilling these initiatives internally and externally and positioned him as a strategic leader. He re-positioned himself within the corporation with a new initiative for the entire corporation to succeed. Simultaneously, he developed a succession plan for his organization that positioned him to become promoted during our coaching engagement.