Samantha Wasserman

Samantha has been successfully helping leaders transition into executive and C-Suite roles for over 25years. Her proven method prepares leaders through a targeted diagnosis of development strengths and gaps while taking into account experiences, intentional practice, experimentation, reflection, and coaching. Samantha also works with leaders to access new dimensions of their leadership presence and style previously inhibited by belief systems and former roles. Stretching leaders outside of their comfort zones and seizing opportunities right in front of them creates a triple win: success for the business, teams, and the leaders themselves. This is ultimately what exceptional coaching accomplishes.

Her combined background of leading Executive Talent and Organizational Development COEs for a global organization and C-Suite Assessment and Succession expertise gives Samantha a perfect lens through which to help her clients acclimate to broader executive roles. Developing relationships and teams, influencing, and integrating functions across the organization in an intentional way all become critical. As such, Samantha partners with her clients to achieve a long-term vision of what impact the leader deeply desires and intends to make. Helping leaders identify their purpose and desired impact is always a key driver for behavioral shifts.

Finding and leveraging a leader’s authentic presence and voice becomes critical in advanced roles while leaders adjust to new levels of internal and external visibility and impact. The new role provides the opportunity to exercise higher levels of strategic thinking, complexity in problem-solving, effective decision-making, and communication skills. Samantha considers all of these exciting opportunities when working with leaders and is well poised to help her clients navigate the transitions while balancing the leader’s growth with the ripple effect on others.

Prior internal roles leading BoD and executive sponsored change initiatives in global populations of over160,000 employees allow Samantha to leverage her business transformation expertise thoughtfully into her coaching practice as well.

Samantha’s clients include Novartis, Amgen, Gilead Sciences, Genentech/Roche, Westlake VillageBioPartners, 3T Bio, Capsida, Westfield Malls, AECOM, Sony Avionics, SoCalGas, Kyverna, Neuron23, Nutcracker Therapeutics, Dantari, Allergan, JPL/NASA, U.C.L.A. Anderson School of Management, U.C.L.A.Health Systems and several others. Samantha holds bachelor’s degrees in Communications and Economics from the University of Arizona, and a master’s degree in Human Resources, and Industrial Relations from the University of Minnesota. She is a certified executive coach and has multiple coaching certifications and references which she is happy to share upon request.