Erica_KaufmanErica L Kaufman, Psy.D.
President and Founder, Evolved Leader Kinetics

As a business executive with a doctorate in psychology, I bring a deep understanding of people, organizations and how they change and grow. With 20+ years of commercial and federal Government contracting experience, I have delivered on the promise of strategy through people for exceptional results. I have designed and implemented people processes and programs that have developed leaders, optimized performance and ensured businesses had the talent needed for today and tomorrow.

Born and raised in a family business in Gettysburg, PA, it was instilled in me early the importance of community, relationships, hard work and resilience. I have broadened my horizons in various places and experiences and have always stayed anchored in these fundamentals. My education and professional experiences took me to South Florida, where I earned my Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and worked with families, children and adults to better their lives.

I parlayed my training into a business context, initially as an Organization Development Consultant with Right Management Consultants, where I worked across many industries to build leadership capabilities. Talent Management, Organization Development, and Human Resources Business Partner roles inside organizations like Exelon Corporation and Day & Zimmermann sharpened my skills in framing opportunities and co-creating solutions and processes for lasting change and business results.

My leader development model is rooted in deepening self-awareness and igniting insights that lead to bold decisions and better integrated work/life choices. This approach is systemic and also includes designing and optimizing processes. I focus on the individual and the specific behavioral shifts they make in a broader context. The person and the signals they get from their environment must work in concert to accelerate transformation.

While my professional roles have shaped my practice, the other roles I fill in life continue to shape the person I am. I am a mother of four, a wife, a sister, a daughter, a mentor & mentee, a Board Member, volunteer, and friend. The heart of any organization is its people. People are at their very best when they are fulfilled and balanced in all aspects of life. That is why I focus on the whole person and the impact they can have.