CailinCailin O’Riordan, Ph.D.
Executive Coach
Helping executives exercise agency in their professional lives.

Cailin is an executive team consultant, executive coach, and trusted advisor. Cailin works closely with leaders in support of their efforts to develop their leadership capabilities, their team effectiveness and to transform their ever-evolving organizations. With Cailin, clients are able to examine their strategy and organization architecture, aligning the company’s design, culture, and leadership with the strategic needs and goals of the business.

Clients appreciate her ability to think critically and creatively about complex issues, quickly seeing underlying patterns and root causes, and define strategic priorities clearly in order to solve critical challenges. These characteristics are combined with her practical, direct style which enables clients to ‘get it done.’

With a background in academia and senior executive roles in talent management and organizational effectiveness, Cailin has helped create exceptional environments for some of the world’s most recognized corporations, which gives her hands-on experience in several industries and markets.

Select Engagements

  • CEO and Chairman joint-client clarify their corporate role responsibilities and improve interpersonal dynamics while taking a digital therapeutics startup public through a SPAC. Clients mutually agreed to extend and expand the engagement to include CEO, Chairman, and Board assessments.
  • Executive Vice President and CTO client wanted to modify an overly direct and directive communication style to capitalize on exposure to the board, the leadership of a company-wide initiative, and garnering more followership with key stakeholders and her leadership team.
  • Senior Director client sought to manage reactions to strong personalities, ongoing changes to stakeholder relationships, team movement and succession, and a critical keynote presentation to over 1000 people. The client was promoted to Vice President within 9 months of an ongoing engagement.

Experience Highlights

  • Retained as a strategic advisor and as an executive coach to C-Suite in Healthcare, Finance, Technology, and Life Sciences industries.
  • Led over 70+ organization transformations, 105+ talent/team development engagement, 25+ M&A cultural integrations for Fortune 500 companies.
  • Authored and co-authored publications on interpersonal communication, organization behavior, health communication, and leadership effectiveness.
  • Clients value her thought leadership combined with her practical, direct style to hold them accountable to ‘get it done.’
  • Doctorate from the University of Texas at Austin in the field of Interpersonal Communication with a specialization in Quantitative Methods.