Sheryl BrinkleySheryl Brinkley is the Founder and CEO of ITM Coaching Next Level, is an International Coaching Federation certified Executive Coach, and is a Certified Leadership Development Professional specializing in Mid-Level Career progression and acceleration.

She is passionate about working with emerging and Mid-Level Female leaders aspiring to continue up the platinum staircase and into Senior Leader and Executive level seats.

Sheryl’s decades of experience in Fortune 100, Public, Private, Tech, and Utility sectors have given her a wide and varied lens on leadership environments. She leverages her acumen in talent pipeline program strategy and delivery in her approach with working with clients and within organizations.

Sheryl is a proud Bay Area native and holds an MBA from Holy Names University, a certification from UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business – Women’s Executive Leadership Program and holds a specialty certification in Emotional Intelligence EQ-i 2.0.

Her core values are Faith, Family, & Fulfillment and she notes that her personal mission statement is to “live the fullest expression of herself and to help others to do the same.” She is an avid learner and believes in the continuous pursuit of self-actualization in all forms. She enjoys travel, photography, reading, roller skating, listening to podcasts & audiobooks, is a lover of fashion, beauty, and of the arts.