Matthew WeinbergMatthew Weinberg
Executive Coach and Founder, Created By… Leadership Group

Throughout my career, my greatest success has been in helping others reach their potential. These partnerships are built on a foundation of trust and accountability. My clients get a passionate advocate who helps them broaden their understanding of themselves, claim ownership over the most essential practices and behaviors that need attention, and design tailor-made action plans that keep them moving in the right direction every day.

For over 25 years in the entertainment business, I helped build the careers of award-winning professionals. I managed top talent, produced TV shows and movies, and ran production companies at CBS, ABC, and 20th Century Fox. My clients include producers, television creators, writers, and directors of movies from ELF to the Marvel Universe, and shows from CSI to MODERN FAMILY.

As a certified executive coach at Created by… Leadership Group, I marry my passion and skill for leadership and career development with professional processes that impact the performance and productivity of leaders from all walks of life. I work one-on-one with executives from the C-Suite to senior management, business owners, solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, and team leaders. My clients are emotionally intelligent, talented, and hard-working people who understand that effective daily practices and systems of accountability are necessary for them to reach the pinnacles of their careers.

Studies have shown that emotional intelligence is a critical component of effective leadership in today’s rapidly evolving work environment. As a certified Genos Emotional Intelligence Practitioner, I specialize in helping my clients develop a heightened sense of self-awareness and an enhanced understanding of others that improves their relationships, maximizes their leadership presence, and further aligns them with their teams. This then creates an open culture that ensures higher retention of talent and builds a reputation of leadership development that is essential to be successful in competitive hiring markets.