Byron LowMy passion is to help others live better lives; in doing this over the last 25+ years, I’ve been blessed to have worked with some of the world’s most amazing people and organizations. Driven, passionate, and intensity coupled with creativity, curiosity and compassion always aligned with the desire to help others live better, do better and work better. If I can do this, my ultimate objective is to teach other teachers or develop other developers or build into other builders; which means: to work myself out of a job.

My unique ability is manifested when I coach folks: I help others get unstuck, I help them find their confidence and their identity; I help them gain more clarity for what’s next in their life and career and have more control for the life and career they want so they can live their life with more intention and contentment.

I believe that life can be hard and it can often knock us off balance. But I believe that we (all) are incredibly resilient. I see myself as someone who comes alongside for a short period of time to remind, encourage, equip, challenge, and coach my clients to be better, do better and live better.

My entire career has been dedicated to improving the lives of others. My best work is with folks who:

  • Need to get back on track, they’ve lost some traction in their lives and careers; they might feel stuck
  • Have lost the grasp of who they are somewhere along the way; they need to be reminded who they are and what they value and what is important to them
  • Are hard chargers and want more from their life and career and are ready for a challenge or to be challenged
  • Never worked through the deeper issues when they were younger and find themselves in a place that feels unfamiliar, unwanted, strange and/or confusing
  • Want to dig in and go deep into living life with more control and intention